Advantages and disadvantages of Voip phone service

Advantages and disadvantages of Voip phone service

You’re not alone if you’re thinking of switching to a VoIP phone system. The technology is fast gaining traction, with thousands of companies throughout the country increasingly opting for VoIP over traditional telephone service. However, before you make the transition, it’s a good idea to investigate the benefits and drawbacks of VoIP to ensure it’s the best decision for you.

The VOIP system has risen to prominence. Whereas this method appears to be new, it has really been in use around 1973, when the Department of State was looking for innovative ways to convey information.

In today’s world, millions of enterprises would be unable to function without one of them.

The Advantage of VoIP Systems

VoIP phone service providers provide several advantages to small companies, home offices, and many household customers.

Communication at a low cost

The adoption of this method results in significant financial savings. Why? Because your primary resource is an online connection, your monthly internet bill is the most expensive.

Anywhere in the globe, you may make free PC-to-PC calls. Establishing a PC-to-phone call will incur some expenses. It is also feasible to sign up for various VoIP systems that offer phone conversations if necessary at a considerably lower cost than a traditional phone service.

Less taxation 

Governments do not tax these sorts of phone services because all calls are done via the internet.

Simple to use from ANYWHERE 

It’s not an issue. You may easily reach clients and coworkers no matter where you will be. Distance is no longer a factor that limits communication availability. The price is the same, as is the connection.

By logging into your VoIP account and using a broadband connection, you may send emails and make phone calls to one or more people.

This type of perk allows you to work from virtually any location and has internet service. It allows you to travel with only your headset and laptop.

Don’t bother with wires.

Cabling is costly and only adds to the mess. Having a VoIP number allows you to be totally mobile and virtual. This number is portable, so you may carry it with you everywhere you go.

If you decide to relocate your business to some other location, even if it is in a different state or nation, your communication will be unaffected. Keep in contact at all times.

  • Flexibility and a plethora of options are two of the most appealing benefits given by VoIP phone systems.
  • Call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, and even video conferencing are all included in this system
  • Your Mitel VOIP System maintains and combines your address book, making it easier and faster to access.
  • When communicating with coworkers and clients, you will need to share data such as forms, documents, and photos. Your VoIP system includes all of these services.

VOIP disadvantages

VoIP systems provide a plethora of advantages that may improve both your professional and personal life. Every technology available makes your life simpler, but it also has drawbacks.

Some of the potential drawbacks of this system include:

voipCommunication gets harder when there is a power outage. 

Living in nations with frequent power outages might have an impact on the reliability of your communications. A standard phone service generally continues to function in the event of a blackout. A power generator or specific adapters would be required to utilize your VoIP phone.

Calls to the emergency services 

Although we aim to be connected at all times, we can typically manage in the event of a rare weather issue or power loss. The issue arises when there is a 911 emergency.

Traditional phone lines remain linked so that authorities can track your whereabouts if necessary. Because Voice Over IP uses IP addresses rather than physical locations, there is no way to determine where the call is originating from if you are unable to talk.


This particular company phone system is entirely dependent on your internet connection and is unquestionably dependent on your broadband service or even the restrictions that your PC may have. A bad internet connection might cause distorted sound and video, drastically lowering the quality of your conversation.

When using a crowded network, this propensity grows.

Voice Quality in VoIP

The VOIP system’s quality increases by the day, although a small number of customers still claim robotic-like voices in calls. This error is caused by a bad internet connection, hardware, your provider’s service, and the location from where you are making the call. Less users claim to have had this encounter.


 It appears that the benefits of VoIP much outweigh any systemic drawbacks. Structured Communications provides high-quality, low-cost VoIP contracts to help your company grow, develop, and survive. If you’re thinking about converting to a VoIP system, have a look at the services we can provide.