14 Things you didn’t know are covered by homeowners insurance

14 Things you didn’t know are covered by homeowners insurance

You probably know that vandalism and theft are covered by homeowners insurance, but a lot more than your furniture is also covered. Are your clothes covered and can you get paid if someone gives you counterfeit money? Depending on the additional coverage and your policy, you might not have all of the coverage listed below, but homeowners insurance can cover all of these things. You might already be covered for a lot more than you think, so check with an Insurance Specialist whether your policy includes these things you didn’t know are covered with homeowners insurance:

1. Accidents

What if someone falls down on your sidewalk? You are liable, but homeowners insurance covers legal fees and medical expenses if the person sues you.

2. Locks

One of the things you didn’t know are covered by homeowners insurance is the installation of new locks. If your locks or door get damaged by vandalism or a natural disaster your insurance should cover the cost of getting new locks. You should also be covered if someone steals your keys.

3. Dog bites

If your dog bites someone and you are liable, your insurance can protect you. It can cover the cost of medical bills and other legal expenses even if the dog didn’t bite the person at your home.

4. Damage caused by kids

A kid throwing a ball and breaking a window by accident is nothing out of the ordinary. The damage they caused is one of the things you didn’t know are covered by homeowners insurance.

5. Gravesite

The family’s grave is covered even though it’s in the cemetery if it’s been damaged due to vandalism. The limit of the policy is $1000.

6. Red wine stains

Adding Accidental Damage coverage to the policy you have is a great idea because it can even cover red wine spills! Professional cleaning of your white carpet with red wine stains can be covered by your homeowners insurance.

14 Things you didn’t know are covered by homeowners insurance7. Car crashes

It’s unlikely to happen, but if you or your neighbor would hit your house with your or their car, your homeowners insurance can help you. Things you didn’t know homeowners insurance covers include car accidents, where other insurance companies will also be involved in the coverage.

8. Spoiled food

If the lighting caused the power outage that’s responsible for your spoiled food, your homeowner’s insurance probably covers the cost of spoiled food for up to $500. There are more situations in which you can get paid for the wasted food, but not if you were renovating your kitchen and caused the power outage. If a fallen tree has caused the power outage, you are probably covered, which brings us to more things you didn’t know are covered by homeowners insurance.

9. Fallen trees

If a tree falls down and there’s no one to hear it, will the insurance cover it? Yes, your policy protects you from the damage of a tree falling on your house.

10. Cell phone

Things you didn’t know are covered by homeowners insurance include your cell phone. If someone breaks in and steals it or vandalizes it, or if it’s destroyed by some of the natural disasters covered by homeowners insurance, you’ll get paid.

11. Volcano Eruptions

Most homeowners insurance policies cover the damage caused by volcanic eruptions, but you should review your policy because there are exceptions. Damage made by ash, dust, particle matter, and lava flow is usually covered.

12. Counterfeit money

A person can give you counterfeit money unknowingly, but who will pay for it then? Your homeowners insurance probably covers for $500 or even more.

13. Living expenses

One of the things you didn’t know are covered by homeowners insurance are your living expenses if have to live somewhere else while your home gets rebuilt. This is typically included in the policy, but make sure to review the details of yours.

14. Clothes

Homeowners insurance covers your possessions, not just you and your home. This includes furniture, kitchen appliances, and your clothes.

If you have homeowners insurance make sure to review your policy and see if there are any additional coverages that you need. If you’re instead thinking about getting homeowners insurance, ask whether everything on this list is covered by your policy, along with anything else that might concern you, so that both you and your home can stay safe. Learn more about the benefit of having homeowners insurance and choose a policy that best suits your needs. Make sure to check different companies and see what kind of coverage they can offer you because homeowners insurance policies can be different depending on the company.