Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Or Handle Your Claim – What Should You Choose?

Are you someone who is recently injured or going through material damage because of another person’s carelessness?

You must be wondering what you should choose to do; whether to hire a personal injury lawyer or handle your claim? As no one solution fits all, we have tried to portray both a legislative and non-legislative outline for you, so you could see what you are going through. And identify the ideal solution to suit your needs.

The Job of a Personal Injury Attorney/ The Litigious Solution

Before hiring a personal injury attorney (let’s call it PIA, for the feasibility), it is helpful to understand the nature of his job. The job of a PIA is to talk you through taking care of the following things.

Medical Expenses

They will help you if you have sustained physical injuries during the accident resulting in compiling medical bills.

Loss of Wages or Work 

A personal injury lawyer will ensure you receive compensation for any material loss, such as your vehicle damage or the lost work hours.

Legitimizing Abstract Experiences Such as Suffering or Pain 

Even though there will not be physical proof for the pain and suffering you are facing due to the accident, according to the law, it is still a real thing because it affects your life. And a lawyer will help you to legitimize the suffering you are experiencing.

Changing a Crash Report That is Against You

Sometimes in some cases, it happens that the police claim that it was your fault, but you believe otherwise. Here you can still hire a PIA because the police may miss some things during the investigation. However, a lawyer who has experience in his field can find evidence that a police officer might have overlooked.

If the Money Offered is Not Enough

According to the law, the amount of reciprocation money should be directly proportional to the cost of your damage. Sometimes the defenders can help, but they seem too distant toward helping the person they have harmed. And a personal injury lawyer pushes the other party or insurance company to pay you the compensation you deserve.

If The Insurance Company denies You Help, You need

If your insurance company is trying to be evasive, refusing to assist, or denying to communicate, or constantly putting you on hold, then hiring an attorney can be a great help to ensure proper payment. They can file a lawsuit if they feel like the insurance company is not cooperating or paying the way it should. Moreover, they can understand the situation and make the right decision to do what’s necessary, and they do it professionally.

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The Non-litigious Solution

We all approach things differently. Most of us are non-litigious type people, and we don’t think that litigation is the way to resolve minor issues that we can decide on our own.

  • A logical decision would be that you don’t need a PIA if your insurance company is cooperative.
  • Usually, insurance companies take care of any material loss. However, this process might take a while. There is a long process after which they will sign the final paycheck.
  • Furthermore, getting your insurance money can be challenging. You are to assemble all your bills from the hospital, all your missed wages, and letters from your employer showing that you weren’t at work. As well, you have to collect some information about your pain and suffering.
  • If your situation is not very serious, or your insurance company cooperates with you, communicates well, and guides you through the process, none of this is difficult.

Who can Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Not everyone can hire a PIA. There are some exceptions.

  1. You can hire one only if there is a liability claim. A liability claim means that the other party must be at fault. Your PIA can only help you get compensation for your material and financial losses. But, they can’t punish or jail the persecutor. They only deal in making up for your money-related losses.
  2. They can’t help you if you have already signed the final paycheck of the settlement. Because you have legally agreed to the amount, and now no lawyer will take your case because a PIA doesn’t get any upfront payments, they get a slice of the money you receive. If it’s already less and decided, there is no solution to it.

What’s the Cost?

The good news is that there are no upfront charges for hiring a PIA. An attorney is equally invested in the case as you are. If the attorney loses, you won’t have to pay a dime.

The bad news is that maybe the situation was easy to handle, but you didn’t try, so now that you hired a PIA, you must pay a fraction of what you receive.

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