SMS Chatbots by SMS service

Best Uses Of SMS Chatbots By SMS Service Providers

Communication is crucial for businesses because without it there is no way to keep things running or get customers. They can send and get a response within seconds. SMS has been a popular mode of communication for a long time. Their popularity may have been eclipsed by modern messaging apps. But they still are considered an affordable and effective tool for staying in touch with acquaintances.

SMS Chatbots

SMS chatbots are considered a valuable part of traditional marketing strategies. Chatbots make it possible to measure the effectiveness of marketing and know how well it is doing.

Using SMS chatbots is good for business because:

  • It gives you an opportunity to measure the performance of SMS campaigns by looking at the number of replies and some other useful metrics. When you send a plain SMS you do not have a way of knowing whether it was read or not and can simply wish for it to work. Chatbots are better as you can check their performance using insights.
  • They allow users to call or text directly by sending information directly to the inbox.
  • Promoting direct messaging services on other platforms such as social media, websites, and prints.
  • It is more approachable and gets rid of the outdated call of action asking clients to call the number.

Best Way To Use SMS Chatbots

SMS chatbots have a lot of applications and benefits to offer.

Here are a few suggestions on how to apply SMS chatbots offered by SMS Services in the best possible way.


There are no numbers in the SMS so the users have to respond using a letter or a number. It is an efficient mode of communication because it reduces the chances of misspelling and misunderstanding.
Letters and numbers make the conversation natural and seamless. Customer information is valuable for a business and chatbots to make it easier to get it. SMS chatbots are an excellent way to share information with minimum errors.

Leveraging Phone Numbers

To do personalized communication with clients through social media or websites requires collecting customer information first such as their demographics. Knowing a customer’s profession, location, age, etc. is crucial for sending relevant messages.

Having a customer’s phone number usually saves you the trouble of asking these questions because you will have the basic details and get their attention by sending personalized messages.

It is more likely to get a response from a customer if they receive a personalized message. They can easily relate to the messages and engage in a conversation.

Emojis And Right Copy

Images are videos are considered a vital part of conversations on social media. They add some personality and style to the conversation. But they are not always a good addition to an SMS because they may not be compatible with the graphics of the phone of the customer. If their phone does not support the images or videos you are sending, then they will be receiving an empty message which does not make a good impression.

To make the SMS interesting you can use emojis and engaging copy. They boost conversations and are helpful in conveying the true sentiment of the message you are trying to send. It helps increase response time.

Getting Customer’s Attention

There is no specific rule on how many SMS you can send to the customers so you can send more than one within twenty-four hours. Re-engagement is essential for retaining clients and activating cold leads. Sending reminder

SMS acts as a nudge and encourages them to check out what you are offering.
Sending reminder SMS is helpful in boosting customer engagement, and SMS chatbots make it easier to remind clients of your presence.

Offer Value

Use SMS chatbots to provide value to the customers. It is an excellent tool for promoting the brand but it can also be used for qualifying users and provides them with a memorable and exciting experience.
Businesses can use SMS chatbots to share real-time quotes or special offers they qualify for or personalized action plans.

Set Boundaries

While engaging with customers using SMS chatbots, it is essential to set some boundaries. It must be clear to the clients that they are interacting with a chatbot and not with a customer service person. When they are aware that they are talking to a bot, they will understand its limitations and will not be too disappointed with a failed interaction.


SMS chatbots are a popular communication platform because they are a safe and efficient option. After all, they are a familiar platform for virtually everyone. SMS chatbot is effective in engaging customers and has a high response rate.